About Us

Fluffandtuffs is the place to be for all pet lovers. From bunnies to chinchillas to dogs to horses to hamsters and more, we’re a team of animal-adoring people who aim to help others provide the best care for their pets, whatever species they may be.

The Heart and Soul Behind Fluffandtuffs

It’s safe to say our founder, Shannon, is crazy about animals. She has two bunnies named Shadow and Misty; three Yorkies called Daisy, Coco, and Bella, and a hamster whose name is George Washington. She’s currently in her final year of school. But when she isn’t studying hard, she’s either helping at the dog shelter or riding a Cape Boerperd named Spike. Fluffandtuffs is a labor of love that allows Shannon and the rest of her team to share their love, passion, and knowledge of pets.

What We Do

We post informative articles on all sorts of animals, particularly bunnies and chinchillas, allowing you to get to know your pets better. Consider us your personal encyclopedia for all things fluffy! So, stick around and hopefully learn a thing or two about your furry family members.