Are Bunnies Dangerous?

Rabbits are some of the world’s most popular pets and are arguably just a few notches below dogs and cats in terms of their popularity in many different households on the planet. But, as cute and as cuddly as rabbits are, there are those who might think that they can be hazardous to humans. So, are bunnies dangerous?

Bunnies are not dangerous because they are relatively clean animals with minimum risks on a human’s health. That is why it is alright for humans and rabbits to share lives together under the same roof. However, like any pet, there are still some problems that you may experience with rabbits.

Generally speaking, there are no health hazards and dangers when it comes to rabbits as they are clean and docile animals. But that doesn’t mean that they are perfectly safe because even the safest pet can still pose a bit of danger depending on the person and the circumstances. That is why we are here to talk more about rabbits and how safe or dangerous they are to humans.

Are rabbits dangerous?

Rabbits are some of the cutest and most popular pets in the world as these bunnies have been living together with humans for centuries already as domesticated animals. Being domesticated means that they are used for a wide variety of different purposes, as rabbits were widely used for their fur and for their meat but are now generally regarded as pets.

So, with that in mind, are rabbits dangerous to us? Well, no. The fact that we have been spending centuries living with rabbits, eating their meat, and even using their fur means that these animals pose minimal threat levels to humans.

Moreover, rabbits are also generally very clean animals to the point that you can’t even bathe them as they are hydrophobic and would instead groom themselves. On top of that, domesticated rabbits are generally very docile creatures that will hardly attack humans and become aggressive towards them unless provoked or unless they are placed in situations where they need to defend themselves.

In that sense, rabbits are not dangerous animals and are really quite safe to keep as pets in the house. No wonder we have been living with domesticated rabbits for centuries already and have been treating them similarly to how we treat our dogs and cats.

Are bunnies harmful to humans?

As mentioned, rabbits are not harmful to humans. After all, we wouldn’t be keeping them as pets, eat their meat, or use their fur for commercial purposes if they are actually harmful to us. But that is in a general sense because there are still some instances where rabbits can actually harm humans although such cases are rare.

For one, some humans can develop allergies by living with rabbits. The top reason why allergies develop is due to hay, which rabbits need to maintain their dental health and their overall digestive health. But some people are actually allergic to hay. Meanwhile, rabbit fur can contain allergens that can eventually make any person living with them allergic, but such a risk is minimal at best.

There are also cases where rabbits can be defensive, especially when they feel threatened. Bunnies that have been domesticated are not really aggressive, but that doesn’t mean that they will not bite or scratch you if they feel like you are threatening them or if a mother rabbit becomes defensive with her young.

This leads us to the next point…

What will happen if a bunny bites you?

We have mentioned that rabbits can bite or scratch you if they need to, especially when they are in defensive mode or if you put them in situations where they can’t do anything but fight back when they feel threatened. In such cases, they may bite and scratch you in an effort to defend themselves. But what happens if a bunny bites you?

Well, a bunny bite can be painful, considering that these creatures have large teeth that are also quite strong despite how small rabbits can be. But the effects usually stop there because rabbits rarely get infected with diseases that can be transmitted through their bites. Sure, the bite wound will be painful, but it won’t get infected unless you leave it untreated for a very long time.

That’s why, if a rabbit bites you, the prudent thing to do is to clean and dress it immediately to minimize the chances of the wound getting infected. Clean your wound with soap and water and cover it whenever you are handling other animals and meat to make sure it won’t get infected.

Is rabbit poop toxic to humans?

In case you happen actually to ingest rabbit poop for one reason or another, you might think that it’s going to be harmful and toxic to you, but that isn’t necessarily true. Rabbit poop may be dirty, and it should carry parasites, but there are no known diseases that can be transmitted from rabbit poop to humans.

Sure enough, the parasites that the poop may carry will indeed harm our systems in the long run, but that doesn’t mean that rabbit poop is toxic in itself. To be sure, avoid getting your food near your rabbit so that there won’t be many instances where you would end up ingesting its poop. Also, before eating and right after handling your bunny, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to remove any poop sediments that may have gotten stuck on your hands.

What diseases can humans get from bunnies?

While rabbits are indeed safe, there are still some diseases that humans can theoretically catch from them.

Here are some of those diseases:

  • Tetanus from bunny scratches.
  • Snuffles caused by the bacteria Pasteurella multocida, which can be found in most rabbits’ mouths.
  • Fleas, which are generally found in a lot of animals.
  • Fungal infection caused by ringworm.

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