Do Bunnies and Hamsters Get Along?

Bunnies and Hamsters do not get along and should not live together or be with each other since they can be both, in some circumstances, be aggressive with each other and might end up hurting each other.

Also, hamsters are very territorial, they will fight with anything that goes within their territory, and most of all, they are easy to frighten and very jumpy. On the other hand, a bunny is an amiable type of animal, and they want to establish a hierarchy of sorts and also want to cuddle.

Bunnies exhibit different personality types, and by that, they have a huge advantage of being ridiculous than hamsters. We can assume or conclude that a hamster and a bunny do not get along for a few reasons. The bunny will generally own the place and will demand cuddles, grooming, and run around.

On the other hand, the hamster will be left in a subordinate position, in which he definitely will not like to be. The hamster will then be stressed out of his mind, will bite, and hide. The worst-case scenario is hamsters ended up dead because a bite from a bunny can be fatal for them, and given the fact that a hammy is so tiny, an accident is not that unheard of.

Let us unravel the differences between a hamster and a bunny that made them incompatible with each other.

Differences between Hamster and Bunny

Bunny and hamster are entirely different species; from their food and treats to their cage size and exercise, they differ. That is why they are not suitable to be put in a house together. Here are some of the differences between a hamster and a bunny.

What is a hamster? What are their Personalities?

Hamster loved keeping away from other animals, having their food, and their own space. Using their scent glands, they will mark things as their own. If you house hamsters together, they can end up bullying each other because they will try to be dominant at each other in any setting.

For most of their youth, a hamster will be jumpy and scared while learning new smells, sounds, and sight in your home. In their first weeks in your house, they might even get scared of you passing their cage. When they are scared, they are likely unpredictable and are likely to nip.

Hammies should not be housed together generally because they do not like to share. Except for the dwarf ones that are likely to be a sibling and they grow up together. It is highly recommended to keep hamsters alone, one hamster per cage. It will reduce the hamsters’ stress levels and make sure there will be no fights that can end up killing each other.

Since they are prey animals, they are used to hiding and running away. For them to feel safe, they need to have plenty of hiding places inside their cages. It also means that it is harder to tame a hamster than a puppy. It will take a matter of a week or two to trust you, and if you stop interacting with them in a few days, that trust can be lost.

Hamsters are susceptible animals; with that, there is such a thing as handling them too much and too little. If you wake them up, they get grumpy, and they do not always want to stay put in your hands. So, do not disturb your hamster while they are asleep.

What is a Bunny? What are their Personalities?

A bunny is vastly different from a hamster; you can see it from their size; that is why you should never house them with a hamster. They are a very social type of animal; they live in colonies in the wild. They have a hierarchy and love being groomed.

They seek attention, cuddling, and general social chit-chat and come up to each other, which will not go well with other animals like hamsters. Using their large pellets, spraying pee, or rubbing their chins on things are their ways to mark their territory.

By nature, bunnies are not aggressive, but they will not think twice about kicking or biting back if they feel frightened. They give out a warning, but you will not know what is coming unless you are a bunny or a human with a keen eye.

With bunnies being once considered part of the rodent family, we might think that they are very similar to hamsters, but the thing is, they are entirely different. Bunnies are lagomorphs and are not rodents. Their feed is going to be different mainly because of the difference in their teeth and digestive system.

They are everything that the hamster is not. A tiny bunny is way bigger than a gigantic hamster because a hamster is so small compared to a dog. Your cage and pens may vary according to the type of bunny you are having since you can get anything from dwarf bunnies to huge giants.

You must know how to read the body language of your bunny. Since bunnies are social animals, they will be demanding your attention and might be getting fussy if they do not get it, but you have done it wrong if they do get it.

Unlike hamsters, you cannot keep bunnies in a cage all their life. It means that frequently, you must have them out of their cage to roam around the house, or even a designated area will do.

Bunnies live longer than the hamster does. Approximately 8 to 12 years of lifespan requires a significant commitment from the owner. If you are petting a bunny, it means that in the next 8 to 12 years, you will have yourself adapt to the demands of your bunny, and maybe in return, they will adapt yours too.

Sometimes, bunnies can and do get aggressive. If they are head-butting you or biting you, they have warned you that you have done something wrong. They are forgiving like that, but if you insist on annoying them, they will attack you.

When it comes to territory, it is a big thing for bunnies. They will think that they own everything that they have marked, your sofa, your carpet, between the counter, under the table, your leg, and even your shoes. Their scent glands are found in their pee, pellets, and under their chins. That is why these are the ways they used to mark their territory.

Those things made bunnies and hamsters entirely different from each other, which might also be why they cannot be together in one house. But if you insist on having them both in your house, there may be a way, but that will be going to be a hard one.

May this article help you find what you were looking for. You might be trying to put this to different pets, but it is not a good idea. In this, you need to prioritize in choosing whether a bunny or a hamster can be an excellent pet for you.

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