Do Bunnies Cuddle? 3 Top Tips on How to Bond with Your Bunny

Yes, Bunnies do cuddle, and in fact, they love to be cuddled and getting stroked when they are approached in the right way by their owners.

Most of them are so happy sitting on your lap or snuggle up next to you for a cuddle; being held or carried so high up from the ground makes them feel insecure.

But, the best way to cuddle your bunnies is to let them initiate it, like sitting on the ground or the sofa bed, and let them approach you and sit on your lap.  

The best time to cuddle your bunnies is when they are naturally active, which is during morning and evening time. When your bunny is sleeping, do not disturb them.  

Rabbits are adorable and beloved pets, but since they exist as prey animals in the wild, they are mistrustful and frightened of humans. So, it is vital and crucial to read the body language and behavior of your rabbits. Giving them everything they need is one way to help you earn their trust and deepen the bond between you and your pet bunny.  

Here are three (3) top tips on how to bond with your bunnies: 

First is to Take It Slow 

Your rabbits need to feel safe to show their affection. ‘Help them build trust in you by giving them full control of the situation when you are together,’ advises Rosie. 

First and foremost, to show your rabbits’ affections, it is crucial to make them feel safe around you. When you and your bunny are together, give them the chance to take full control of the situation for them to build their trust in you.  

Give your bunny the freedom to choose if and when they wanted to be on your lap or stroked. Some rabbits are more expressive than others, just like us, humans. It will help build your bunny’s confidence by allowing them the opportunity to hop onto your lap and sit down with you at their convenience without putting any pressure on them to play.  

Your bunny will start to feel safe enough to show their affection when you use tasty greens as an incentive once they are happily hopping on your lap and playing with you.  

Second is Stroking the Forehead of Your Rabbit  

One of the cuddly acts that bunnies loved the most being stroked on their foreheads and back by their owners. Never stroke against their hair; always stroke in the hair’s direction unless you are looking whether they are having fleas or any skin problems. Most of the bunnies loved being stroked behind their ears.  

You can also brush your rabbit’s hair by using a cat grooming brush or a doll’s hairbrush; this will add a benefit of removing hair from molting rabbits and reducing the risk of hairballs. 

Bunnies also have a few spots they consider sensitive and hate it being touched by us. It is their dewlap, whiskers, and feet. Other bunnies are also extremely sensitive when it comes to their ears or even their tails. As time passes by, you will discover the things that your bunny or rabbit likes and dislikes.  

Your bunnies are a lot way more comfortable to cuddle and put your arms around them when they feel secure and confident around you. More nervous bunnies dislike the feeling of being enclosed or trapped, and things like this may push them to run away from you. To make them stay with you, make them feel that they are safe and sound with you.  

In stroking or cuddling your bunnies, do not do it forcefully; always give them the convenience to whether they like to be cuddled or not. They show to express their dislike of the things you do to them in the way of exposing their inner eyelid while you are handling them, shaking their ears, or simply moving away from you. With these, they let you know that they have had enough, and you should stop touching them right away.  

On the other hand, nudging your hand away with their nose is one of their ways of expressing that they want your attention and play with them. A sign of great trust and contentment is when they are flopping down in front of you. These are some of the ways your bunnies express their feeling of likes.  

The third is Picking Your Rabbit Up. 

The best way to approach your rabbit is from above or the side where they cannot see the objects that are in front of their noses directly. Ensure that they are not about to dash away from you by gently stroking their back and making them feel safe and relaxed. As you lift your bunny, slide your one hand under its tummy just behind its front feet while your other hand under its bottom. Try to maintain most of the bunnies’ weight on its bottom; setting it in your body and not with its head pointing up on your shoulder is very important as it may try to climb up.  

It is necessary to always hold it securely and confidently so that it will not sense your nervousness and take advantage and to avoid its struggling and freaking out then kick out that may damage its spine. Always keep one hand under its bottom to take control of your bunny because it may try to reverse out of your arms.  

Try wrapping your bunny in a blanket or a towel if it is very nervous about being held because its nervousness may result in freaking out, which you do not want to happen. With the help of a blanket or a towel, they will feel more secure and protect you from scratches.  

When you are about to release your bunny from carrying it, you need to kneel while still holding the rabbit against you, then move your arms lower and release it on the ground. Many bunnies or rabbits will jump once they have sensed that you are about to release them. 

It is vital to learn first how to pick up your bunny or rabbit correctly and release them after picking up before trying to get a hold of them. If you try to hold them without knowing how to, it will only hurt either of you.  

Owning a rabbit is easy; you could just go to a pet shop then pick the bunny you like the most. But the real challenge is petting them, cuddling them, and playing with them. You need to be patient, be careful, be wise to grow your bunny or rabbit successfully.  

There you have it, the three (3) tips on how to cuddle your bunnies. You just learned that you could not cuddle your bunnies in any way or anytime you want to. You see, you need to follow these steps on how to cuddle and play with them for their safety and for you as well.  

May this article help you with your bunnies or rabbit! Enjoy cuddling your bunny.

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