Do Rabbits like the Rain? How to Dry a Rabbit that Gets Rained on

Wild rabbits are mostly outdoors, even during the cold winter months. They endure freezing temperatures, snow, and rain. How about your pet rabbits?

Do rabbits like the rain?

Rabbits suffer more from the sun or heat than from high temperatures and the cold, which are more dangerous than snow and rain. Thus, rabbits do not get bothered by rainwater.

You can take your pet rabbit out in the garden during summer. It is not always summer, so what do you do with your rabbit when the weather changes?

It is a known fact that rabbits do not enjoy being submerged in water. What about rain.

Can Rabbits Stay out in the Rain?

Do you need to take your rabbit indoors when it starts to rain, or can rabbits stay out in the rain?

Yes, you can make your rabbit go out even when it is raining. However, there should be an easy to find, nearby shelter available to them, so they can get out of the rain when they feel like it. Light rain will not bother your rabbit.

Some rabbits naturally like the rain. They want to get their coats wet and are not bothered by the rain at all.

Young Healthy Rabbits

It is perfectly alright for your healthy rabbit to be out in the rain. It is the rabbit’s choice to get back under the shelter when the rain starts. While out in the rain, your rabbit should have access to a dry and warm shelter. This is what we’ve been discussing.

Younger rabbits should, however, be more protected from the rain. If it starts to drizzle and your rabbit likes to go outside, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

Elderly, Infirmed Rabbits

Elderly rabbits, however, are prone to some health problems when left in the rain. Long-haired rabbits should not be left in the rain because it may be challenging to dry them.

Whether young or old but with an immune system that is compromised by an illness, you shouldn’t allow your rabbit to play out in the rain. Leaving your rabbits with these risk factors to play in the rain can cause life-threatening complications or even death.

If you keep your rabbit outdoors, you need to make sure its hutch is weather-resistant. You should also immediately repair any damage.

What to do when your Rabbit Gets Wet in the Rain

Rabbits are delicate animals, so they do not even need to be washed or given a bath. At most, they can be given localized baths.

Should there be an unexpected downpour and your rabbit cannot immediately find shelter, directly bring it indoors. Check that he is alright. Ensure your rabbit’s ear auricles have no rainwater as this may cause otitis (infection in the middle ear).

Your rabbit’s ears are incredibly delicate. Shaking his head does not remove droplets of water from his ears.

How to Dry a Rabbit that Gets Rained on

If your rabbit gets to be wet, take him indoors and wrap him with a towel. Dry him for a few minutes so he will not get sick and, most importantly, so that he will feel safe.

Use only a towel to dry your rabbit. If you can manage without, don’t use a hairdryer because you may scare or scald your pet rabbit.

Here is how to effectively and adequately dry your rabbit.

1. Thoroughly but gently towel-dry your rabbit. You can also use paper towels or soft handcloths because they are extra-gentle materials.

2. After blotting your rabbit reasonably dry, you may quickly and carefully use a hairdryer if really needed. Your rabbit can be scared of the sound of the hairdryer. You can also burn his sensitive skin, ears, nose, and eyes, so keep the hairdryer on a low setting with a quiet fan.

3. Once dry, your rabbit will still need warmth., so hand him a soft blanket to snuggle in and keep the environment cosy and pleasant.

This process is not only applicable when your rabbit gets wet in the rain. You can also follow this drying-up process when you bathe your rabbit. Remember not to let your rabbit suffer from being wet for a long time. Most significantly, don’t submerge his ears; or complications could set in as we’ve discussed above.

To prevent your rabbit from getting cold, you should gently, completely dry your rabbit before taking it back to its hutch.

If you notice that your rabbit’s rear end area or the chin of your rabbit is matted or very wet, this requires an immediate visit to the vet because these may be signs of a health issue.

What is the Danger of Rain for Rabbits?.

While it is perfectly alright for rabbits to be out in the rain, there is a danger of them getting hypothermia or getting too cold. Rabbits are comfortable in temperatures that are lower than temperatures with which most humans are comfortable.

Rabbits are made for colder weather. Their fur is like a waterproof coat that protects them from the cold and rain. Rabbits love the indoors and warmer places, but they also sometimes want to be in the rain. Their instincts will make them move indoors if they are getting uncomfortable outside.

You may have read in many forums that rain can cause your rabbit to develop pneumonia. Because of this belief, many rabbit owners keep their pets out of the rain.

Most vets will say that while rabbits (just like many small animals) are prone to develop respiratory diseases, being out in the rain will not make your rabbit contract this disease.

Pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs, is caused by an infection. The infection can be viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal. Being in the rain does not cause rabbits to have pneumonia.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits like the rain?

Indeed, they do! It’s okay for them to get wet, sometimes. They can have their time in the rain, and you can interrupt only when needed. After some time in the rain, they will feel cold and will go to a shelter.

Come to think about it, it’s not surprising that rabbits like the rain. In the wild, rabbits have to get out of their burrows and look for food regardless of the weather. It may be raining, but they will go out in the rain if they need to feed themselves.

Your pet rabbit may like the rain, but you need to be on the lookout that he does not stay in the rain too long. Remember to dry him well with a gentle hand after he gets wet. He might not say so, but he’ll be very grateful for the care you give him.

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