How to Keep Your Bunny Entertained

Entertaining bunnies is important since boredom can cause some severe health problems among them. No one wants to see their pets suffering from boredom. Hence, they develop toys and other materials to keep bunnies entertained.

Unlike other animals like dogs, entertaining a bunny is a minor task, and you do not need much. If you have a bunny and want to know how to entertain them, this article is for you.

But before that, boredom among bunnies can result in an unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, when bunnies are bored and have nothing to do, they tend to eat a lot. They will usually entertain themselves by over-eating, which can lead to obesity.

Obesity among bunnies can cause heart problems and arthritis. Aside from eating, they also groom themselves when they are bored. But to the extent that they create hairballs that block their digestive tract.

To prevent this from happening, helpful tips are developed to keep them entertained. Here are the best ways to keep your bunnies entertain:

Place them in an open, wide space

They must have a vast space where they can run freely and play around. However, it might be hard to give them such a place, depending on the owner’s capacity.

For example, if the owner keeps his/her bunnies indoors, it is best to give them a bunny-proofed room.

In the room, it must include:

  • A section where they can climb
  • A section for where they can hide
  • A section where they can run and play

The design of the room must be all essentials that are far from each other. For example, the litter box must be placed far from the food tray. This will keep them from moving all over the house.

The continuous movement will help them from getting bored, while at the same time, doing some exercise for themselves. In short, you design the room where they search for the things they need, just like in the wild. In doing so, their basic instincts like food searching, climbing, hiding, will be maintained.

But if you cannot afford to give them a bunny-proof room, and the only thing you have to keep them indoors is puppy pens and bunny condos, there are helpful tips to keep them entertained.

When placing them in puppy pens or bunny condos, always ensure that they have extra space to move. Otherwise, a closed space will make no room for them to move, and when this happens, they get bored.

Once they get bored, they will eat a lot, without moving so much. A bunny that is overeating without exercise will become obese, making them vulnerable to various illnesses.

On the other hand, if you chose to keep them outdoors, you need to design their homes spacious and equipped with bunny essentials like a litter box, food tray, climbing, and hiding section.

When building their cages, do not use materials that can be easily chewed by them. Always use metal, and the metals’ distance must not be too far where bunnies can go through. If this happens, tendencies are, bunnies will stuck their head and suffocate themselves.

Therefore, you need to design their homes perfect for their needs to keep them entertained. Small and closed space is terrible for your bunnies. Always keep them in a place where there is enough room for them to move.

Make sure they have a bunny companion.

Bunnies, like humans, are social creatures. They love being in the company of other bunnies. They usually entertain themselves by playing with other bunnies and sometimes cuddling with them.

It is useless to put them in a spacious place without the presence of other bunnies. Hence, it is necessary to keep your bunnies in groups. Whether it be dogs, cats, fishes, every pet needs to have someone they can play with or to be with.

In the case of bunnies, it is also crucial for them to have a companion. It will lessen their stress and prevent them from getting bored. Most importantly, it makes them happy, and that makes every pet owner happy as well.

Put Toys for them to play with

Toys are essential materials to keep them entertained. This will divert their attention from eating to playing with their toys. They want to entertain themselves when they are bored, and you do not want them to keep eating.

Also, if they live indoors, toys will keep them busy and prevent them from chewing furniture inside your home, electric wires, and plants. Hence, the best alternative is to put toys for them to play with. 

Here are the recommended toys to keep them entertained:


This will keep them entertained by passing through the tunnel. They love to hide, and tunnels are the best place to hide.


Putting them in a maze will surely entertain them as they look for a way out. You can also put some treats along the way to fire up their experience.

Willow Balls

This toy will allow them to move as it rolls when they push it. It is a creative way for them to exercise while being entertained simultaneously.

You can also customize their toys with only the available materials in your homes. For instance:

Toilet Roll Inners

Put the hays inside the hole and let them reach it out. Just be observant to prevent them from eating the toilet roll.

Plastic Twigs

Throw them and let them search for it. Throw it again once they found it. It is also a good idea for them to exercise and be entertained.

Small Chairs

Bunnies love to jump. By putting chairs in their area, it will encourage them to jump on it.

Big Tray Filled with Soil

Bunnies love to dig! In the wild, they usually search for food often by digging. So it is a brilliant idea to put a tray with soil in it and let them dig over it. It will be more fun if you put some treats under the soil.

There are many ways to keep them entertained like putting treats under the hays, giving them apple tree branches to strip the bark off, and other chewable bunny-friendly toys.

However, always remember when putting treats in their playing area, do not put too much because it is unhealthy for them. It is important to remember to give them treats occasionally.

Spend Time With Them

As a pet owner, it is expected that you play with your pet bunnies. It would be ironic to think that you do not dedicate some of your time to them. Therefore, as a way to be familiar with them, as they are unto you, it is best to play with them.

There are many ways to spend time with your bunnies. Take this, for example:

  • Learn how to handle or carry them
  • Scratch their furs
  • Groom your bunnies

It is up to the owner’s preference what type of bonding they want to have with their bunnies. Besides, the purpose of all of this is the overall well-being of the bunnies. Keeping them entertained is a great way to keep them and let them enjoy more of life.

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