What Do Chinchillas Drink? In-Depth Guide

Chinchillas need water just like every other animal. They will die without it. A question raised: What do chinchillas drink? Water only! Water is vital for their bodies and keeps their life functioning. Their bodies consist primarily of water.

Chinchillas shall not drink tap water. Tap water could be harmful to the health of a Chinchilla, which might contain bacteria and other contaminants. Chinchillas need water bottles as using a water bowl gets your pet and fur wet.

The best drink for a chinchilla is filtered water (which cannot contain bacteria) – from a hygienically clean spout of a water bottle; or they can also drink distilled water (which doesn’t have as many minerals) – which is safe for them as it contains nothing but purified water.

Some owners recommend giving chinchillas filtered water or distilled water. Filtered water cannot contain bacteria. However, distilled water does not have as many minerals. It’s for these reasons that filtered water is highly recommended for chinchillas.

Do Chinchillas drink filtered water?

Filtered water is likely a step up from tap water. Most of the filters get rid of bugs and other chemicals. There are lots of ways to filter water, and the most common is using a carbon filter.

You can either buy filtered water or do it yourself (DIY) at home. You can even buy a filter that attaches to your faucet top, making the process even easier. Perhaps in this process, the contaminants are removed.

Chinchillas can drink freshly from filtered water that is not harmful to their bodies – these benefits of filtered water sound suitable for the chinchillas. They are better at conserving water than most animals. That’s because they come from a dry habitat.

Do Chinchillas drink distilled water?

Distilled water is pure. It’s produced through evaporation. Water has been boiled, and then evaporated steam is collected. Everything that was in the water is left behind after the boil, and only the water remains.

Distilled water does not contain minerals that regular water does. Water could be an essential mineral source for chinchillas. Instead, it is not suitable for their health.

Do Chinchillas drink tap water?

Tap water could contain bacteria that are harmful to the chinchillas. Some owners kept their chinchillas for years on topwater with no ill effects.

But others say when they did it, their chinchillas had diarrhea or they did not want to drink it. Some countries’ tap water is not as good as others. It is best to do away with tap water to prevent any bacterial infections.

Why Do Chinchillas Drink Water?

Chinchillas need constant access to water at all times so that they can get the liquid their body needs. They eat hay and pellets that give them little fluid intake compared to what they eat in the wild.

Clean, fresh tap water is more than good for a chinchilla, but it is more suitable to filter the water before feeding it to them.

Some people think that the chinchillas’ must-have minerals as a type of supplement. Therefore by giving them the good water that contains calcium and magnesium, being the minerals present in water, you are providing them with the much-needed water plus the supplement.

What are the best ways to provide water to chinchillas?

One of the most effective means of caring for the chinchillas is the proper monitoring of their diet and ensuring they eat and drink the right amount. Yet, we cannot often tell how much food they’re meant to have and how much amount they might drink.

The quantities of food and water are the best indicators of how healthy they are. The fact that the chinchillas do not drink much water has quite a bearing on the popular methods of providing water for the chinchillas – which are through water bowl and water bottle.

The water bottle is highly recommended for providing them with daily fluid intake. Most of them come with a capacity that lasts for days and must be cleaned regularly for hygiene purposes.

The popular water bottle brands such as Choco Nose or Lixit with a capacity of 11.2 oz and might go up to 32 oz. Hence, the water in these containers is meant to last for a few days, and the chinchillas will empty it.

How much is an average daily amount of water for chinchillas?

A healthy chinchilla will drink an average of 2 oz or 55 ml a day, and several pet owners seem to notice similar drinking patterns of their pets. However, this amount will depend on certain factors such as age and the expectant mothers.

It also depends on its level of activity. The more the Chinchilla is active, the more it will need water to drink.

It loses water when it breathes out. If a chinchilla eats lots of food, it will drink less. It would be best if you did not feed them with watery snacks like vegetables and fruits. However, you will notice that they will drink less if you do.

The critical requirement to ensure a healthy chinchilla is a regular supply of water that is clean, chlorine-free, and preferably filtered water.

Is bottled water good for a chinchilla?

All chinchillas must have water bottles from which they can drink. The water bottles should be hung on the side of the cage so that the Chinchilla has easy access. The water bottles could be placed on the outside of their cage, with the spout poking inwards through the bars.

If you have more than one Chinchilla in a cage, it could be better to make two water bottles available. Chinchillas are territorial, just like some other pets. Water bottles are highly recommended to be used on all chinchillas.

Is a water bowl good for a chinchilla?

Is a water bowl good for a chinchilla?

A chinchilla’s cage must not have a water bowl. There are lots of reasons to consider why. Take a look at these reasons

• A chinchilla by accident would pee in the water bowl. It seems impossible to toilet train them,

• A chinchilla loves to waste hay, and their food will get dirty hay in the water bowl,

• A chinchilla would get its fur wet from the open water bowl.

Furthermore, chinchillas would get sick for the reason of having a water bowl. They could drink contaminated water that might lead to fungal infection. Drinking out of the water bowl can pose a severe risk and allow other items to get in the water.

How often should you change a chinchilla’s water?

Water bottles are very significant for chinchillas as its a way to get their fluid to them and keep them hydrated. The pet owners should be well informed and aware of how important it is to clean the Chinchilla’s water bottle so they can drink both clean and fresh water daily.

One of the best ways you can ensure that the chinchillas are being hygienically cared for and are fit and healthy is to keep their equipment clean and ensure they have a clean water supply daily.

It is advisable to clean the Chinchilla’s water bottles daily and stick to a daily cleaning routine. This will also lessen the bacteria to build up. Unfortunately, there are lots of germs on the water bottle.

We also know that damp places are breeding grounds for mold growth, giving good reason to wash the water bottles on a daily basis.

Not cleaning your chinchillas’ water bottle daily will result in a build-up of bacteria that has clogged up the spout of the bottle. That’s why it must be made part of the daily routine.

Here are some tips for cleaning up chinchillas water bottles:

  1. Never use bleach or any hard detergents instead use soap detergent.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the bottle and the nozzle until the water runs clear.
  3. Empty the water bottle and pour out the old water.
  4. Rinse the inside of the bottle with warm water.
  5. Scrub the inside of the bottle with a bottle brush
  6. Scrub the outside area of the bottle.
  7. Scrub the shaft of the nozzle with warm water.
  8. Fill the bottle with filtered water
  9. Check the inside of the bottle for leaks.
  10. Cleaning the bottle in the daytime and when your chinchillas are less
    active. Chinchillas are nocturnal, so that they will be more active around
    dawn to dusk.
  11. Make sure the chinchillas’ water bottle is working correctly.

What do you do If the chinchillas are not drinking?

A chinchilla who doesn’t drink is not always a sick chinchilla. Sometimes chinchillas have personal preferences that a pet owner should know. They also refuse to drink because they are afraid of a change of environment.

It is essential to check if the water bottle is functioning. Try to take a look if the water bottles are cleaned up and the drinking spout. Chinchillas do not generally drink a lot of water because of their dry habitat.

However, clean freshwater is essential for their well-being. We all fully understand the importance of providing them with fresh or filtered water and keeping their containers as clean as possible to minimize infection.

It is also important to note that chinchillas are skilled in hiding their illnesses and the water intake is an essential clue to whether or not they’re feeling ill. That is the time to consult a veterinary doctor.

Taking care of chinchillas will go a long way to keeping them happy and active with perfect health.

It would be best if you started learning chinchillas’ behaviors to ensure they are safe and healthy at all times.

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